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Poppies Spa & Studio

The best spa in Auburn California for meticulous Facials and Waxing services

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Spas in Auburn

 Spa services with results. We are a YonKa Premier Facial and Massage Therapy spa in Auburn CA. We also offer clinical peels and diamond tip microdermabrasion which will significantly reduce the visible effects of hyperpigmentation, over exposure to the sun and acne scarring.

You should expect more than just a luxurious service. Poppies Spa services will give you real results in your appearance with a meticulous attention to the details. Want a second opinion? Read the reviews all over the web about our services.

There is help available for acne, acne scars, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, stretch marks, fine or deep lines and fine wrinkles. We will address them together using the technology of nature to make a real difference in your skin. This is not magic and can be maintained by you at home with a very simple skin care regiment. This is what you should expect from a YonKa Paris Spa in Auburn CA.


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